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Digital & mobile sector boom to esculate IT skills shortage

The rate at which this sector is growing brings with it an impending skills shortage. Greythorn foresees a lack of qualified candidates within the digital and mobile sector, particularly in UX/Design and development across multiple languages.

Other skills in demand are set to include Android and iOS developers, however there will also be a surge in JavaScript MV* framework popularity and an increase in demand for Service Design and UX professionals.

According to Australia’s Digital Pulse by Deloitte jobs in the IT sector are predicted to grow by 2.5% every year for the next 6 years. This will mean a demand for 100,000 IT professionals by 2020, in spite of a significant and ongoing decline in IT graduates (Deloitte Access Economics, 2015).

Good candidates within this sector often have three to four job offers at any one time, meaning employers can struggle to secure a candidate from this small and highly competitive talent pool. Additionally, digital roles often attract only a quarter of the number of applicants that standard IT roles attract due to the talent shortage. To combat this shortfall Greythorn is currently working on a number of digital talent pooling programs centred on attracting talented digital professionals from countries such as the UK and India.

The Greythorn survey found that 61% of respondents within the digital and mobile sector intend to change jobs in the next 12 months, indicating a buoyant, if small, market.

“The impending skills shortage and a lack of good developers means employers need to react quickly when they meet one and be prepared to pay market rates. Job seekers also value flexible working opportunities, currently offered to only 36% within the digital/mobile space. Employers should consider what other options they can offer to secure top candidates, outside of rates,” commented Michael Boyd, senior digital consultant.

“Developers looking to secure work will need to ensure they have a good portfolio. Most modern teams are operating in an Iterative/ Agile fashion with employers always looking for people that are collaborative and highly competent. For those professionals skilled in declining technologies now is the optimum time to retrain in this fast paced and evolving


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