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Formal training tops list of job requirements for young people

The Unexplored Opportunities report from Mobile Mini, the UK arm of the world’s leading provider of portable storage solutions, polled 18-24 year olds from across the UK on their career expectations and industries they’re looking to work in.

When questioned, 39% said they would expect to be offered formal training as part of a job. However, just 17% said they would consider apprenticeship opportunities.

Work/life balance was considered more highly than salary and career progression when choosing a job, with 33% agreeing with the statement that it is most important when finding a role. Only a quarter (24%) said that career progression was the most important, (while just 18% agreed with the statement “salary is most important to me when choosing a job”.

The results show 26% of young people polled currently working said they found it difficult to get a job after leaving education and 50% of full-time students said they are concerned about finding a job when they leave education.

Looking specifically at industry, retail was top of the list of sectors where 18-24 year olds have actively searched for a job role (45%), followed by hospitality, travel and leisure (22%), and education 18%.

Louise Arnold, director of human resources at Mobile Mini, said, “Apprenticeships offer a fantastic opportunity to learn while you work so it’s disappointing to see just 17% of the 18-24 year olds polled said they would consider applying for an apprenticeship role this is even more surprising given 39% would expect to be offered formal training as part of a role.

“We’ve worked with apprentices for many years at Mobile Mini and found it a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Apprenticeships are a fantastic way of getting hands on industry experience while working toward qualifications.”


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