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Glassdoor Trends gives insight into popular jobs and companies among jobseekers

Glassdoor Trends helps job seekers understand how competitive a job or company may be, and it helps employers understand how news or events tied to their company or their competitors can influence job seeker interest. 

For example, Glassdoor Trends identifies which jobs in New York or which companies in London, England have gained the most attention among local job seekers on Glassdoor. In addition, Glassdoor Trends shows whether interest and activity around a particular job or company has increased, decreased or stayed the same, and whether it’s new to a Glassdoor Trends list in a given month.

Currently, Glassdoor welcomes more than 26 million unique users each month, and based on a recent survey2, 86 percent of Glassdoor users are either actively looking for a job or would consider better opportunities.

“Job seekers often feel in the dark when it comes to how much competition is in the job market. Glassdoor Trends offers valuable insight into which jobs and companies are in-demand, and it provides powerful reminders to research a company before applying to or accepting a job so as to understand why a company may trend,” said Ehren Reilly, Glassdoor product director. “Glassdoor Trends also allows employers to better assess demand for their company, their competitors and their jobs, and lets them see how changes to their brand awareness and reputation can impact their recruiting funnel.” 

Jobs and companies can trend for a variety of reasons, be it good news or bad. Some reasons that a company may trend on Glassdoor include: workplace or employment news, product or service news, business news, company awards or events, among others. 

Glassdoor Trends takes into account the past several months of job seeker activity for thousands of jobs and companies to identify notable or unexpected spikes. The results are weighted and showcase companies of all sizes and less common occupations. Job seekers have the ability to filter results by location or industry, and in some cases occupation. 

Glassdoor Trends is updated on a monthly basis. To see and learn more about Glassdoor Job and Company Trends, visit:



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