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Graduates dont apply for jobs on their mobiles, survey reveals surveyed over 2,000 recent graduates and current students, and found that

over 70% have never used their mobile devices to apply for a job.

While 62% have searched for jobs using their mobiles, a significantly lower number have taken the next step and applied for a position from their device. O f those who had, 67% said that their experience was just & lsquo;Okay’,& lsquo;Bad’ or & lsquo;Very Bad’, citing reasons such as & lsquo;sites are too slow’ and & lsquo;I do not trust that the application will be sent properly’ for their poor experience.

Students and graduates who had not applied for a job using their mobile listed & lsquo;quality of applications would be lower on a mobile than a laptop’ and & lsquo;small size of the screen’ as reasons

not to do so. However, the overwhelming majority of participants (88%) said the fact that the

sites tend to be difficult to use on mobiles kept them at bay.

graduatejobs. com have used this research to heavily influence the design of their new fullyresponsive website, launched in August 2015. The site can now be used in its entirety on

laptops, mobiles and tablets with equal ease.

Marketing manager, Ross Whistler, explained, “In 2015, 40% of our users are coming from mobile

or tablet devices so we wanted to build a versatile, mobileready website to stay connected with

the & lsquo;always on’ user.”

“As our research shows, graduates are fed up with fiddly and slow experiences on a mobile

device. Most websites are now mobile friendly but very few are mobile optimised. We’ve built a

site that isn’t just accessible, but is user friendly on a mobile too.”

Along with the new optimisation, the fully redesigned site includes a host of other new features

such as company ranking pages and a higher concentration on I nternships. It was launched in

August in celebration of’s fifteenth anniversary.



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