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Lumesse launches next generation SaaS-based learning tool

Lumesse says this is a solution for organisations looking to create high quality, adaptive and interactive learning content that is globally consistent yet locally relevant, engaging and multi-cultural to be consumed on the move.

The new solution offers users all the advantages of a cloud solution, providing powerful collaborative development, flexible sharing and repurposing of content and a centralised media repository, while delivering a depth of functionality normally reserved for traditional desktop content authoring tools.

“There is no authoring tool which makes it as easy as Lumesse CourseBuilder to create interactive content collaboratively and to localise it in different languages,” said Timo Meyer, Master Builders Solutions Academy at BASF. “It’s also highly user-friendly so we can create mobile content in one simple click. The usability of Lumesse CourseBuilder has impressed us all.”

CourseBuilder 7 with its strong commitment to an enhanced user experience is designed for everyday users to intuitively create and manage learning without the need for constant support, contrary to many content authoring tools that are designed for technical users.

“CourseBuilder 7 has been built with customer challenges in mind and is designed specifically for organisations who want to create highly interactive learning in multiple languages, while keeping costs down,” said Stephan Schmitt, CMO at Lumesse. “CourseBuilder 7 enables them to incorporate user generated content into their learning programmes, rapidly creating new and relevant content without a dedicated e-learning resource.”

This new release comes against a backdrop of mobile learning and multi-channel engagement, where the proliferation of devices in use across the workplace makes it necessary for employers to provide learning consumable via multiple devices, on demand anytime, anywhere. Today’s workforce wants to be able to learn at their own convenience and at their own pace. This means they may start a course via a desktop, continue on the journey home via a mobile and then complete the course at home via a tablet.

Lumesse CourseBuilder 7 is available as of immediately, to learn more please visit:


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