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PageGroup survey reveals UK workers have mixed feelings about the coming age of robotics

The research follows the news this week that experts claim many of today’s jobs could potentially be automated in the next two decades. PageGroup asked survey respondents from various occupational backgrounds for their opinions of robotics and Artificial Intelligence becoming commonplace in future work environments.

The survey revealed that 56% of respondents do believe that robots pose a significant threat to the jobs market.  

According to articles published by the BBC, experts are claiming that taxi drivers, factory workers, doctors, journalists and even cocktail waiters are at high risk of being replaced by robots. Although 46% of our respondents believe a robot could not affect their role, whilst 16% responded & lsquo;yes’, 27% & lsquo;potentially’ and 11% & lsquo;unsure’.

The survey also revealed that 73% of people do not believe a robot could perform their job more efficiently.

However, if a role was deemed as replaceable, only 16% of our respondents claimed that they would search for a new job, whilst 84% of respondents would acquire new skills to stay in-demand and employable.

PageGroup also asked respondents if they could see the UK being run by robots as many of the world’s leading technology firms are now using Artificial Intelligence. Only 38% agreed that our country would be eventually run by AI, whilst 62% of respondents said human leadership will stay untouched by automation.


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