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REC: We will champion recruiters power to transform lives

Under the strapline & lsquo;Jobs transform lives’, the professional body for recruitment in the UK will take a proactive approach to explaining the positive impact that recruiters have on businesses, individuals and the labour market as a whole. 

Finding a job that’s right for them was ranked the most important life decision by British adults surveyed by YouGov on behalf of the REC for this initiative, confirming the vital role recruiters play in empowering people to make important choices about their lives. 

REC chief executive Kevin Green says, “This is a very exciting time for recruitment. It's easy to be blas&eacute about the work our industry does, but every day recruiters change lives and make businesses more successful by helping them secure the people they need. These are things the REC wants to shout about. Our role is to promote all that's good about our profession and to champion the value recruiters deliver.

“Recruiters have the power to create opportunities for success for people, businesses and the economy. At the REC we’re upping our game to show government, the business community and the wider public the positive impact our industry makes.

“Our work to deliver this message is going to be of real value to our members. It will help to raise the profile of the profession. More clients and stakeholders will take the impact of our members’ work seriously, and will recognise the REC logo as a mark of quality and professionalism.”    

The REC is releasing six video case studies with people explaining how a new job helped to transform their lives, showcasing the important role that recruiters played in making this a reality. These stories will also feature for ten weeks on a special section of the Daily Telegraph website, taking the positive message about recruiters to a national audience.

The REC is also publishing the results of a YouGov survey which reveals how important jobs are to people. Given a list of ten important life decisions, respondents were asked to select the most important. & lsquo;What to do as a job’ was the most popular choice, with votes from more than three quarters (77 per cent) of respondents, beating & lsquo;when to start a family’ (73 per cent), & lsquo;where to live’ (64 per cent), & lsquo;whether to enter into marriage or a civil partnership’ (57 per cent), & lsquo;who their friends are’ (37 per cent) and & lsquo;which political party to support’ (28 per cent).

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