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Recruit Ventures support the launch of 3 agencies in 3 months

More and more we are seeing the entrepreneurial spirit of the consultant is moving them towards not only operating their own desk but their own company and Recruit Ventures are proud to announce their expansion by supporting three new agencies that opened within the last three months.

It’s a big step from employee to employer. The route that seems to work best is building an environment where the consultant turned entrepreneur can concentrate on what they do best which is bringing in the business. That means having the freedom to not worry about the money or the burden of the back office functions.

The Recruit Ventures Joint Venture business model is designed specifically for the recruitment market. It has been created it to enable successful entrepreneurial individuals, with a proven track record in the recruitment industry, to launch their own business with no personal outlay or loans from the start. 

The model is backed by one of the UK’s largest independently owned recruitment groups and provides a comprehensive back office and business start-up package which ensures new businesses become operational with the minimum of effort and worry. The focus for the Joint Venture remains key at all times - ensuring all they need to do is what they do best&hellip RECRUIT!

The summer months of 2015 saw the launch of LIGA recruitment in Cardiff specialising in Construction, IT and Accountancy and Finance. Inside Right in Wolverhampton focusing on Industrial, Engineering and Driving and Tomlin Personnel launch in Nottinghamshire specialising in Driving and Industrial. The Joint Ventures spread far and wide across the UK and with full back office support have been able to hit the ground running. 

Combining the independent joint venture run rates for 2015 / 2016, they are on target to achieve circa &pound40 million in sales. 

John Buckman, chairman explained, "When you start a recruitment agency of your own you need sound financial backing, especially during the early stages of your start-up when the losses are mounting. A solid brand and perhaps most importantly road tested and industry standard back office systems are essential. We provide all that, together with a level of guaranteed income. That means people can concentrate on what’s essential, and what they love doing most gaining clients and growing their businesses."

Explaining that joint venture partners are definitely running their own show, Buckman underlines that the Recruit Ventures business model is not a franchise. He added, "This is your company, your brand and your shares. Many people working in recruitment have a strong entrepreneurial streak, and we offer them the chance to start up on their own without bank loans or plundering their savings."

David Simons, MD, commented, "Individual funding is an option, however problems arise when you have to pay temps before the client pays you. It’s a cash flow trap that’s snared many a new recruitment business. With the sole aim of helping recruitment professionals set up on their own, Recruit Ventures provides the investment and support that allows individuals to concentrate on building their business, it’s their company, with the advance capital for the start-up becoming part of a formal shareholders agreement.”

To find out more about how Recruit Ventures could assist you in starting your own business contact us in confidence.


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