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SYNERGIE Group sees operating profit increase of 15.5%

SYNERGIE posted a significant increase in operating profit over the first six months of 2015 both in France and abroad, with international business accounting for 48.4% of consolidated turnover. In France, the impact of investments (launch of the new service offer, strengthening of expertise, development of IT tools), bolstered by the effect of the French competitiveness and employment tax credit (CICE), gave margins a considerable boost. Internationally, subsidiaries that in previous years have made significant investments to improve their service offers and value added mainly helped optimise this result. The performances of Belgium and Italy were also up strongly.

The Group's current operating profit came to &euro38.9 million, with an operating margin up by 4.5% overall (compared with 4.3% in 2014). Net profit came to &euro26.1 million, while the financial result was positive overall over the six months, at &euro1.4 million.

SYNERGIE'S excellent business performance enabled it to strengthen its financial structure, with shareholders' equity of &euro289.7 million at 30 June 2015 and a cash position net of any debt of &euro50.7 million (including the 2014 CICE). The cash flow from operations thus provides the Group with the necessary resources to continue to expand its branch network and carry out new acquisitions both in France and abroad, where negotiations are under way in the United Kingdom and Germany.

The number of assigned personnel - i.e. full-time-equivalent employees working for customers - has exceeded 50,000 every day since May, with a record high of 56,000 reached in July. Thanks to these performances and its financial solidity, SYNERGIE Group intends to expand further over the second six months of the year and confirms its objective of achieving turnover growth of nearly 10% in 2015 by improving its profitability.

SYNERGIE has a 600-strong branch network and extensive international operations spanning 15 countries in Europe, as well as Canada and Australia.



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