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US company granted patent to enable financial professionals to apply for jobs incognito

Further, firms and headhunters can search the Confidential Resume Database and receive only the candidates' credentials. All of the identifying information from both parties can be redacted in this one-of-a-kind career management tool, which is exclusive to Provio and available exclusively to senior financial professionals.

Co-founder of Provio, Mika Purra, a former Goldman Sachs employee who holds a PhD in Political Economy from the University of Oxford, comments, that "one of the greatest concerns for finance sector professionals is how to take that next step in their career, without the fear that their reputation or current position might be put at risk. The HR department and recruiters are equally as concerned about talking to employees at competitor firms. Provio has alleviated both sides concerns through this truly private process."

Candidates, employers and headhunters can engage in an Anonymous Communication Process without the candidate ever divulging their personal information. Of course, at some point the candidate and employer will have to meet, but Provio makes it very clear that it is 100% up to the candidate as to when they disclose this information. Provio's objective is not just to provide great career opportunities, but to permit finance professionals to be in the job market at all times, without any risk or effort.

Along with Purra, Provio is co-founded and developed by a second former Goldman Sachs banker, Mr. Will Matthews.

Will Matthews, who is a former hedge fund investor and investment banker at Goldman Sachs, adds, "The financial sector is notoriously based on who you know. The "anonymous interview" process is an excellent tool for employers to be able to identify candidates based on the requirements of the job position. Filtering of candidates is the most labour intensive part of recruiting. Provio makes it easier in two ways. One, by offering the highest quality and most exclusive talent pool in the industry though our exclusive membership, and two, by developing a search tool that has the widest number of filters in the market. The expectation is that firms can find qualified candidates in just one or two searches of the Confidential Resume Database."

Provio offers career management opportunities, a secure social community and proprietary sector information such as salary comparisons and investment raising forums. It is also exclusive to persons with several years of relevant financial experience and thrives on its adherence to privacy related issues.


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