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Dillistone Systems to launch South American hosting platform

As with Dillistone’s existing hosting facilities it will take advantage of Microsoft’s Azure platform.  

The decision will make Dillistone Systems the first global supplier to the sector to operate a hub in the region.

Jason Starr, president of Dillistone Systems, commented, “Dillistone Systems has long held a leadership position amongst technology suppliers to the executive search industry in this part of the world.  We were the first to offer a Spanish language product, the first to offer a Portuguese version of the product, and now we are the first to offer a hosting platform in the region.

For too long, executive search firms in South America have had to endure latency associated with suppliers hosting data in the US.  We don’t see any reason why firms in this part of the world should have to experience a lesser experience than those in North America, Europe, Asia or Australia – territories where we already offer local cloud facilities.  We are very proud, once again, to be demonstrating our sector leadership in this part of the world.”

The hosting platform will be live from November 2015 and is one of a series of product and service announcements that the business will be making in the coming months:

“We announced in September that we have ramped – and continue to - ramp up investment in Dillistone Systems.  More executive search firms use FileFinder than any comparable product, and we intend to ensure that they continue to enjoy a superior experience in terms of both the FileFinder product and associated services.”


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