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GCS achieves IIP silver status

The engineering, technology and financial services recruitment company has been IIP accredited since 2000 but this year saw the company look to achieve the silver standard as one of the key targets outlined at their annual Vision meeting.

"We're passionate about our people" says managing director David Bloxham. "You can have the best product or service in the world but unless a company is committed to its people and helps them to grow, then it won't get far."

Only 16% of all UK employers are IIP accredited and fewer than 600 have achieved IIP Silver status, which equates to less than 3 per cent of all organisations awarded IIP. GCS had to meet 76 new evidence requirements in addition to the 39 requirements needed to obtain standard IIP accreditation.

"It's a rigorous process" says Bloxham. "The IIP assessment methodology not only analyses the company but it helps management see areas for further improvement and what actions can be taken to ensure employee engagement remains high. We've found our involvement with IIP invaluable over the last 15 years and look forward to going for the gold standard in the future."

The review, completed following interviews with GCS' workforce, was presented in a 33 page report, highlighting areas of achievement and advice for improvement. In particular, the report noted a "meritocratic culture" that "rewards hard work and celebrates success". All employees have the same opportunity to progress with "clearly defined career paths and an extensive package of training and development" and workers "feel supported and trusted by their managers" with "directors going out of their way to support aspirations and goals - both career focused or personal". The report also observed that GCS' values (particularly passion, integrity and responsibility) "underpin everything the company does" and that, "in a male dominated industry, the company has a number of very successful female consultants". IIP has suggested that there is evidence that, if GCS elected to be assessed again before the end of 2016, the company could achieve the IIP gold status. 


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