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GLA: Quiz the CEO

All responses will be coming direct from Paul Broadbent, the chief executive, who will be hosting the first ever GLA Live Q&A session on the web. 

The & lsquo;webchat’ takes place between 2.30pm and 3.30pm today.

It allows labour providers, labour users or any other interested parties to find out more about the GLA, its current processes and practices and plans for the future.

Popular subjects to be covered may be:

• The licensing scheme and standards

• Complying with UK tax law 

• How to spot and report worker exploitation

• Calculating holiday pay correctly

• Providing worker transport and accommodation

• Using umbrella companies

• Absolutely anything else &hellip

To join the GLA Live Q&A or request a reminder email click 

Following this link not only provides an opportunity to & lsquo;chat’ direct to Mr Broadbent but also to see what questions other people have been asking.



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