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Government Investment in teacher attraction could save the day

Lynis Bassett, Class People CEO comments

“It is fantastic to see the Government investing in the recruitment of teachers and to see so much industry talent getting involved with the campaign. The teaching profession has been a victim of negativity for the last few years, so it’s great to see successful teachers reminding us why they joined the profession.”

With Government reports in June stating that 4 out of 10 teachers were leaving the profession in the first year, Class People had highlighted the need for intervention to prevent a catastrophic lack of teachers and more super-sized classrooms.

Lynis continues

“Whilst the teaching profession has changed, the overall reason for entering into teaching hasn’t. It is extremely rewarding to be given the opportunity to shape the children of the future. We need to be shouting about the positive roles these teachers play in the next generation and attract the top talent to make it the best profession.”

Class People have also been looking at a series of innovative strategies to lure teachers wanting to return to the profession back and keep them there. This year the company has launched contracted Class People Brand Ambassadors. These Brand Ambassadors allow top teachers to work on a more flexible supply basis with the stability of contracted employment.


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