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Oakleaf celebrates 10-year birthday and record results in specially refurbished London office

Birthday celebrations are being held at its newly-refurbished Holborn offices. Growth has meant it has doubled its occupancy - Oakleaf is now a &pound10m turnover company with 57 employees  – a far cry from its former self.

Richard Colgan, founder and managing partner of Oakleaf, explained: “In 2005, we started above a store in Middlesex Street with three desks, a smoking room and one temperamental lavatory! It was shabby and as we had no money for hotels, we bought some Oakleaf sleeping bags and slept on the office floor after nights out with our customers. What we did have, however, was lots of friends who believed in us and wanted to help us. And I loved it, despite the hardships.

“I started Oakleaf for a number of reasons: first, it’s all about the customer, not our own brand second, you have a moral obligation and responsibility to treat both your customers and your employees fairly and honestly and finally, you’ve got to enjoy coming to work and you’ve got to have fun – life really is too short not too!”

Colgan’s mantra is working. Oakleaf’s turnover has increased in the last year by 47%, net fee income is up by 43% and profit before tax has increased by 60%.

Candidate placement figures also highlight the firm’s growth – these have increased by 40%. This is supported by the number of employees working at Oakleaf - up 35% in the calendar year.


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