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Powwownow predicts the demise of the 9-5

Jason Downes, senior vice president at Powwownow, said, “When I look at the trends that are going on, I think they will just accelerate. 

"There will be less phone lines and offices because companies simply will not want to invest in housing their employees. They'll want to invest money in sales, marketing, and technology, that's what will drive business growth, that's the biggest change I see, in terms of how we move forward. 

I also I think the nine to five working week will just disappear. People are restricted by it. It's dull, old fashioned, and time has now moved on.

"I think if you look at business trends at the moment, the biggest change we're seeing is just the amount of information people are getting and how quickly people expect and demand a response back. 

"That could be an email, it could be a chat, it could be a tweet. What that's changing is, you've all got the devices. It's thought by the end of this year, most business leaders will have four or five mobile devices. So you can work anywhere, whenever, but that's putting immense time pressure and people's demands on your communication is at a completely different level than it used to be.

"Within the twenty first century for businesses to grow they have to adapt to change. If you look at business trends at the moment, the biggest change we’re seeing is the amount of information people receive and how they are receiving it. A successful business must receive information is the most efficient way possible to progress."


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