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Q&A We Ask You: Oil and gas recruitment

The oil and gas sector has been hit hard by falling prices, however, although fragile, the sector is resilient, back on its feet and staff are in as much demand as ever.

We would like to gain an insight into oil and gas recruitment in 2015 by inviting you to answer one of the following six questions in 120 words or less.

1. What challenges do oil and gas recruitment companies currently face?

2. How has falling oil prices in the industry affected oil and gas recruitment?

3. The Department for Energy (DECC) suggest that oil and gas production from the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) over the first six months of this year could be 2.5 per cent higher than the same period last year. Has this boost been positively felt by the recruitment sector?

4. Which candidate skills are most in demand and what should recruitment companies do to attract the best candidates?

5. What more can the oil and gas industry do to aid economic recovery?

6. How can oil and gas recruitment companies contribute towards sustainability within the sector?

Comments will be included free of charge in our UK November 2015 issue (print and digital) alongside a photo of the person commenting. 

Please note, we have a limited amount of space allocated to this feature and comments that do not adhere to the 120 word limit may not be included.

Submissions are open to recruitment companies proving oil and gas staffing services and should come from staff at director/MD/CEO level.

Please email your FREE 120 word comment, alongside a high resolution (300dpi minimum) image of the person commenting to

The deadline for all contributions is 5pm on Wednesday 14th of October.


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