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Qsted - Quality Staffing in Education

After coming first in the hotly contested Launch Pad competition, winning entry Qsted Education have announced the unveiling of their new website and business.

Qsted Education is a community based recruitment agency for teachers with offices in South London, offering jobs for supply teachers, teaching assistants, support staff, SEN staff and nursery nurses in nurseries, schools and colleges in London and the South East, across the UK and internationally.

“We decided to start Qsted on the premise that we care about the community and the schools we were targeting to work with as this is where we live, where we went to school, our children go to school, our family and friends children go to school and also where I (one of the Directors) taught for 5 years”.

“Recruitment agencies these days are so 'salesy' and the consultants more often than not have a standard 'pitch' that they use. But in education we know and we have found that the schools want the facts and an understanding about the teachers that they are bringing in. Not 'I've got this lovely teacher who has a car and is looking for work' but more 'I've got an Early Years phonics specialist with a proven track record of raising attainment levels and has been graded as an outstanding teacher with a special mention of their assessment strategies when observed' ”.

“They say a picture paints a thousand words we just paint the picture with honesty, concise information and let the Head teacher or Governor understand how good the teacher is from the start.

Alongside our local knowledge, this is where we feel we are different with our approach compared to other agencies. It should not be all about numbers and profit in the education sector as the schools, teachers and pupils get lost in it all”.

“That is why at Qsted, we pride ourselves on 'Putting the Needs of the Education System First!' “.

The Launch Pad competition was the idea of Zero One Design: one of the recruitment industry’s most recognisable names, calling upon over 15 years of experience to create, innovate, develop and produce top of the line, fully updateable bespoke recruitment websites.

They partnered up with some heavy hitters in the field of recruitment: Orchard Joint Ventures, a recruitment joint venture capital group, specialising in offering recruitment and job reference solutions Recruitive suppliers of state of the art recruitment software Recruitment International a long standing magazine for the UK recruitment industry. Between them they came up with an array of lucrative prizes worth over &pound15,000!


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