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VolviSearch and the Changing Face of Financial Services Recruitment

VolviSearch know there is a lot more to being successful in the financial services industry than being able to count. They also insist there is more to being a top recruiter within that arena than simply finding someone to fill a vacancy as it appears. With the launch of their new second generation website this week it seems they are about to show the world of recruitment within the financial services sector just how it should be done!

Based in London, VolviSearch provides recruitment solutions for firms offering financial advice of all shapes and sizes from small outfits to the Big Four and multinationals, VolviSearch offer a bespoke recruitment package tailored to suit the client. They are a global concern, offering candidates the opportunity to work for companies all over the UK, Europe, The Caribbean, the Middle East and across Asia. They can boast a dedicated insurance recruitment service in the areas of Actuarial, Risk Management, Tax, Finance, Audit, Catastrophe Modelling and Underwriting, but also within Investment Banking with Equity and Asset Management roles.

The important thing, the thing that sets VolviSearch apart, is their way of doing business with both their clients and their potential candidates. Anyone can find a round peg for a round hole, but VolviSeach actively seeks to build long-lasting relationships with the firms they deal with.  The consultants themselves have many years’ worth of valuable experience within this sector and a deep understanding of what the clients need to take their firm forward.

Candidates can rely on VolviSearch to offer them support and advice, making their transition to the next rung on their career ladder as smooth as possible. They can apply for job openings at all levels: junior, mid-level and senior appointments being available. VolviSearch realise that changing jobs can be a stressful time, especially if the candidate is relocating to another area of the UK or moving to take on an opportunity abroad so they offer support along every step of the way. There is also a coaching programme available which is open to graduates who are looking to take their first steps along their new career path.

For a recruitment consultancy with progressive ideas it is important that their website reflects that it is, after all, their shop front. VolviSearch’s previous site simply wasn’t up to scratch, so they have upped their game with a new, brighter, fully updateable site from Zero-One Design that will take them higher, further, faster in their aim to be the number one trusted recruitment partner for the financial services industry.


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