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de Poel health care respond to the agency rate cap

“We are passionate about helping NHS Trusts to engage their temporary workforce in a completely different way and have a track record of doing so. Our neutral vendor model has been proven over the last 14 years and is widely adopted in the private health care sector where standardised, transparent pay rates and fixed pound agency margins have been implemented, putting a stop to continuing variation. Our whole existence is based on the ethos of raising standards, continuously adding value, reducing costs and helping our clients to optimise their relationships with recruitment agencies.

“This includes standardising service level agreements, setting and monitoring key performance indicators so agencies compete on quality of candidates rather than price, streamlining invoicing and timesheet management and ensuring full legal compliance. Through our innovative technology solution, e-tips &reg, we enable NHS Trusts to maintain full visibility and control of their temporary labour spend through real-time Management Information, consequently paying substantially less in agency margins.

“Whilst an overwhelming majority of NHS Trusts are already using frameworks to obtain agency staff, negotiating pay rates set by themselves and central government, the introduction of a ban on the use of agencies outside these frameworks will go towards bringing much needed reform.

“Alongside this, de Poel healthcare believes it is important to not lose sight of individual health care workers amidst these changes – reducing agency margins is one thing, reducing rates of pay is quite another. Agency workers are an integral part of the NHS workforce and we continue to champion their vital role in ensuring services continue to run smoothly, so that patient care is continually delivered as we move toward a 24-7 NHS.”


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