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Mobile and social media boost e-recruitment

With UK Internet access reaching 85% of households in the first quarter of 2015, and daily Internet usage amounting to a similar proportion, online recruitment is undoubtedly a key - if not the main channel for job search and candidate sourcing activities, said the company.

Key Note’s own research found that more than quarter of British adults used the Internet over the last year to look for work. This compares with well under a fifth that indicated they had used alternative methods, other than the Internet, to search for jobs in the year ending October 2015.

There have been various developments, both technological and in consumer communication trends, that have online channels. Key among these has been rapid proliferation of smartphones and tablets in recent years, and the development and roll out of increasing fast mobile Internet services. As a result, the use of the Internet on the go has risen significantly, leading to the widespread development of & lsquo;mobile-friendly’ websites and dedicated mobile applications (apps).

The rise of social media has also opened up another online platform for employment agencies and other recruiters. With its huge global user base, particularly among the leading services, providing cheap access to huge numbers of potential candidates, social media is increasingly being targeted in recruitment efforts. 

Key Note emphasised that mobile and social media are likely to be the main developments driving the e-recruitment market looking forward, with significant investment expected in these areas across the recruitment industry, and by various businesses across industries for their own recruitment needs. 


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