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National Freelancer Day sees more student freelancers than ever

Gradlancer says that with 56% of UK students now freelancing during their studies, the UK is seeing the rise of the & lsquo;Freelance Student’ as a result of unprecedented demands for real world experience and tuition fee pressures .

Anthony Adeloye, co-founder of Gradlancer, said, “Today rightly celebrates the huge impact that the UK’s 1.8 million freelancers have on the economy. With 440,000 people joining the freelance ranks since 2011, an unnoticed trend has developed whereby over half (56%) of UK students are now choosing freelance work opportunities during their time at university.

“With tuition fees topping out at &pound9,000 each yearand an incredibly competitive full-time job market, where there are 160 graduates chasing every position- it is unsurprising that students are now taking this route.

“Freelance work means students can gain relevant work experience, on their own terms, which ties in with their studies - while also being able to pay off their university fees. Other options for students, such as unpaid internships are being shunned.

“Students who choose to continue this freelance route permanently after their studies, will see many benefits including, importantly, an increased salary. For example, freelancers earn a median income of &pound43,000, far above the full-time average salary of &pound27,200. Businesses also see their immense value, with three in five agreeing that it would be difficult to operate without hiring freelancers.”

“Due to this, students have woken up to the huge benefits that freelance work offers and the rise of the & lsquo;Freelance Student’ has now clearly begun.

“This change of mindset means that almost two-thirds of university students are planning to go freelance or self-employed after finishing their degrees."

Gradlanceris an online service which gives current students real work experience by connecting them with reputable employers for freelance work opportunities. With a growing network of over 5,000 students and 400 employers, they are helping to make college students ready for their careers before they leave university.


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