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New job board showcases the worst vacancies advertised on the web created the website,, which features adverts like a cat meme creator, a ghost surfing the web and pigeon botherer to poke fun at the outdated, ineffective nature of job boards, while reassuring students that there are better opportunities out there and to not succumb to these low paid, often ridiculous listings.

Many students are desperate for money and some direction after university, and as a result can often end up in demeaning, risky jobs just to make ends meet. Debut created the website to reinforce that students and graduates should never feel as if they have to lower their standards or take a risk on a job that just doesn’t give anything worthwhile back. 

Charles Taylor, CEO of Debut, hopes that the job board will highlight how dangerous these listings can be, with students putting total trust in strangers. He commented, "We created the site as we thought it would really outline the shocking lengths people go to earn some money.

"Students and graduates often find themselves struggling to find the right career move and that’s why we want people to know about Debut. There are better, safer and easier options then resorting to a job board or going to some stranger from Craigslist’s house to clean their oven or cut their toenails.

“Our app makes searching for a future career simple and fun. Employers like Barclays, L’Oreal and Microsoft can come to you, reversing the often stressful job application process.” 


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