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New software set to ensure highly efficient meeting management

The Meeting Manager tool from Glasgow-based Integrated Cloud Solutions streamlines time-consuming processes, digitising manual tasks for greater effectiveness, while maximising cost savings.

Key features of Meeting Manager include the capturing of minutes in real time and the ability to automatically share them, the tracking of all actions and auto chasing through overdue notifications, a scheduling assistant, and integrated room booking which factors in technical requirements.

The automatic generation of minutes in particular reduces human effort, while allowing discussions to be tracked from one meeting to another, which further facilitates the completion of tasks.

In effect, it means that all strategic activity prior to and following important meetings is fully automated and accounted for, ensuring that time-poor staff are maximising productivity amid busy diaries, and that management goals are clearly defined.

Meeting Manager enables with key attendee information stored on the system such as contact details, dietary information and disability requirements, to ensure smooth proceedings from first to last.

For regularly occurring meetings, a series can be created, allowing the cloning of relevant details for quick and easy organisation in future – and any change of meeting details will trigger notifications to all those attending through Integrated Cloud Solutions’ Smartflow technology.

Tailored to the needs of companies of all sizes, Meeting Manager is also capable of generating bespoke, detailed analytics on meeting attendance, participant profile, and much more, providing useful statistical data. 

Chief executive officer and founder of integrated Cloud Solutions, Steven Boyle, said, “Meeting Manager is a groundbreaking addition to our expanding software range, minimising resources while maximizing the productivity of every meeting.

“We believe it will save time and money by providing a smart, comprehensive and customisable framework for efficient meetings taking place at all levels.

“By offering a platform that takes care of all the most minute details, and most importantly, ensures the prioritisation of tasks and tracking of progress for meaningful outcomes, we are certain that this is the management tool that a lot of people have been waiting for.”

Founded in 2006, Integrated Cloud Solutions’ mission is to drive its icsbusinessbox software for the simplification of IT processes, from its Glasgow headquarters. 


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