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NHS relies on contingent managers to get more for less

The healthcare recruitment specialist found that the NHS is increasingly depending on contingent turnaround managers to drive greater efficiency. This comes at a time when controversial agency workers’ price caps have recently been put in place by Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

Elliott Coles, a principal consultant for the NHS at ReThink Healthcare, said, “Demand for contingent managers has remained very strong in recent years and is only likely to increase as further measures are put in place – the introduction of agency price caps is just one example of this. We’ve all seen Jeremy Hunt’s push to improve efficiency and professional contingent managers operating in patient access and turnaround specialisms are some of the key drivers in this actually coming to fruition.”

“We’re not just talking about those individuals whose strict remit is solely to cut costs either. There are significant shortages of talent within the health service and the truth is that there simply aren’t the waves of permanent professionals waiting in the wings to occupy a position if someone moves on, or is off sick for an extended period of time. Having such a specialist and effective contingent workforce waiting to fill these gaps on short notice is absolutely vital to the NHS and its ongoing ability to run effectively. We’ll all have to hope that the value of these professionals is fully recognised by the government before any further cuts are made.”              


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