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Vanquish Recruitment turns to iFollowOffice for greater reliability

The company, which specialises in placing graduates into financial services recruitment, legal recruitment and technical recruitment companies, previously used a hosted solution howeve stated productivity was suffering, owing to slow load times and the system being unreliable. 

It consequently turned to iFollowOffice to solve its problems.  

“Our relationship with iFollowOffice is going well. The transition was easy and the project manager is excellent. He deals with everyone from long time company staff and the people who manage the website,” says Vanquish Recruitment managing director, David Stephens. 

Stephens added, "“There is no fuss, no downtime and it is so easy to use. Onboarding new people is simple and quick – they can get up to speed and start closing deals from day one."

In addition, the iFollowOffice cloud-based solution makes flexible working easier, which means that the company can achieve a quicker turnover and faster deal cycles. 

Vanquish Recruitment also no longer has to worry about consultants accessing data outside of the office. As the iFollowOffice network is completely secure, the company’s consultants can easily work from wherever they are. 

Stephens also notes that as the company is aiming to build scale and expand its workforce - which currently consists of seven people - in the near future it is comforting to know that, with the iFollowOffice solution, additional personnel can easily be added at a minimal cost and without administrative problems. 

“iFollowOffice will be instrumental to Vanquish Recruitment’s future success. It enables me to focus on growing the business, and the consultants can get on with making placements," he stated.


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