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Alexander Mann Solutions wins outstanding candidate experience award

Talent acquisition and management specialist, Alexander Mann Solutions, has been awarded the outstanding candidate experience award at the 2015 EMEA Candidate Experience (CandE) awards.

Organised by The Talent Board, an international non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the candidate experience, the annual CandE awards are granted based on the results of a comprehensive evaluation, which includes an in-depth survey of over 130,000 employment candidates.

“We are particularly pleased to receive a CandE award because they are based on the experiences and feedback of the most important people in any hiring process – the candidates themselves,” says Jeremy Tipper, Group Director of Consulting at Alexander Mann Solutions. “In today’s highly social, interconnected world, employer brand and consumer brand are inextricably linked, which means that it’s vital for organisations to treat candidates with the same degree of respect and care that they would any customer.

Everyone who comes into contact with an enterprise, whether they join or not, should come away with a positive impression that they can - and very likely will - share with friends, family and their wider community,” he explains. “That’s why we’re proud to focus our time, energy and resources on making sure we deliver the very best candidate experience, both for our clients globally, and for those looking to join Alexander Mann Solutions.”

In addition to Alexander Mann Solutions’ recognition, three of the company’s clients – Santander, Deloitte, and The Royal Bank of Scotland – were also honoured as EMEA Candidate Experience leaders.


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