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Almost a third of people take a stroll to combat stress at work

The survey, which questioned 1000 jobseekers, aimed to discover how people deal with stress in the workplace. The survey revealed that 27% of people go for a walk to deal with stressful situations at work.

Second to this, a quarter of the respondents “treated” themselves. This took the form of treating themselves to some food they do not normally eat or visiting the shop to buy themselves something to cheer them up.

No-one reported reading as a way to de-stress, only 10% went out to see their friends and just 3% sunk their heads in alcohol after work. 19% decided to take some time off from work to combat stress and 17% exercised.

Corinne Hutchinson, from TipTopJob, commented, “Stress is rife in today’s busy and complex living. People have to work out their limits and find situations that make them feel less stressed. If not, the knock on effect on individuals can be severe and second to that can impact on performance at work which nobody wants.”


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