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Condeco Software: Technology can help staff collaborate this Christmas

The UK’s poor productivity figures are a real challenge for companies, according to Condeco Software, with business leaders worrying that the festive season will bring a further slump to output. Within the G7, last year, the only country to perform worse than the UK in terms of output per hour worked was Japan. The company says, however, that by embracing technology, companies can make it easier for staff to collaborate this Christmas.


Paul Statham, CEO and founder of Condeco Software, commented, “With Christmas fever in full swing, many members of staff will now be out of office, or frantically rushing around preparing for the festive break.


“But despite the hectic nature of the season, businesses should not expect productivity to slump. With innovative technology, companies can now easily set up global conference calls, or book meeting rooms no matter where they are in the world. Putting it bluntly, it’s no longer an excuse to say you can not connect with your colleagues. Through technology it’s easier to collaborate than ever before, and a connected office means a productive one.


“We are living in a global economy and businesses of all sizes have connections with other enterprises across the world. So businesses need to be able to connect together and be flexible in their service hours.  Britain is falling behind many world-leaders in terms of productivity, but embracing workplace technology is one innovative way of boosting this.”


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