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Portfolio career building club announces launch

A club created to help people launch and grow a ‘portfolio’ career announced its launch yesterday.


The Pluralists Club will give its members the skills, guidance and network to develop a flexible portfolio career of traditional and non-traditional income streams, so they can find success and satisfaction outside a standard corporate or professional career.


Recent mass redundancies in large organisations, especially in the City and Government, the company believe, will lead to even greater numbers looking for a new career in January 2016 than the 57% who wanted to move in 2015. The Pluralists Club will meet this desire for career control by giving members access to everything they need to build a life, which blends normal work with non-executive directorships and new opportunities such as blogging, vlogging, politics or making money from hobbies. 


The Pluralists Club has been created to serve in the new world of the ‘Plurocracy’, where people aspire to, and pursue, portfolio careers in place of a “conventional” 21-retirement corporate career.


Founder and executive chairman, Modwenna Rees-Mogg, herself a serial entrepreneur and ‘Pluralist’, said, “In the Plurocracy we celebrate the achievements of Pluralists whether they are entrepreneurs who want to become NEDs, investors and charity trustees, or lawyers and accountants who dream of chucking in their career to become rock stars or bestselling authors. The Pluralists Club will ensure no-one has to sink into obscurity just because they have outgrown their first career, and can continue to earn for years, while having more fun and satisfaction than before.”


John Hobart, CEO, said, “Many people aspire to have a portfolio career, but it is really hard to build one if you have had your head down building your business or conventional career for 20 or more years, even if because of circumstances you find yourself with lots of time on your hands. At The Pluralists Club we enable you to create and develop a personalised Plural life, and help you meet the people who will make it happen.”


Membership will cost between £2,000-2,500 per annum and members interested in earning from their hobbies or pursuing new career paths, will be able to:

  • Attend practical days, delivered by successful Pluralists, to access valuable information and training to develop knowledge and skills to follow new paths

  • Join experience days, delivered by celebrities and subject experts, which will explore how to exploit the wide variety of income streams and voluntary work available to a Pluralist

  • Come to networking evenings to make the key contacts and personal introductions which are key to a successful transition to a challenging, multi-faceted, plural career.

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