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RACS Group offers accessible PSC support

Those who work through their own limited companies, such as contractors, freelancers, interim managers and consultants, are often referred to as Personal Service Companies, or PSCs.

RACS Group can provide the expertise and advice for professionals requiring a total accountancy solution.

The services provided include cost-effective self-assessment packages starting from &pound80 ( VAT) per

annum a full portfolio of services including limited company incorporations, VAT registrations & submissions, plus management and year-end accounts free professional reference letters written and sent on the contractor’s behalf free registered office service to help businesses to run efficiently annual self-assessment and Corporation Tax returns, which are all provided by a fully qualified and regulated team of accountants and finance professionals.

“When a contractor signs up with RACS PSC, they are granted access to our portal and allocated a user name which we provide by email,” explained Terry Hillier, managing director. “The email contains a link which enables the creation of a personal and secure password, which provides access to the dashboard, which is designed to give access to everything the business owner needs to know about their limited company, whenever they need it.”

Hillier explained that this dashboard can be used on any device from anywhere with an internet connection.

He added, “It is also possible to manage invoices sent to the customers of the business.

“We offer an easy-to-use navigation system and layout, an Information Centre which gives direct access to a variety of fact sheets and links to the User Guide, plus an easily accessible FAQs, which should help with resolving any immediate queries.”

Other benefits include a simple means of creating, submitting and managing company expenses access to retained profit and loss a quick breakdown of all company finances a message board, and a diary with the important dates, such as tax return due date and end of tax year, highlighted.

“Once a contractor has been fully registered and is actively being paid, our RACS PSC team is responsible for managing any issues they may have going forward,” said Hillier. “The department is committed to resolving problems, assisting with pay queries and providing helpful information to ensure the contractor fully understands every facet of their relationship with us.”


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