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Work stress peaks in December


New research has found that December is one of the most stressful months of the year for employees. 




A survey carried out by MetLife Employee Benefits revealed that 42% of people feel more stressed in December than any other time of year.




Balancing home and work life was identified by 38% of respondents as the biggest cause of stress in December, while colleagues taking holidays was cited by 32% as a driver of stress.




With such high stress levels, the research found that employees letting their hair down at their Christmas party is not much consolation for many employees. 18% do not have a Christmas celebration at work, and for those that do, around two in five (37%) choose not to go.  41% of those who are not going say they prefer to keep their work and home life separate and 24% say the date clashes with family duties.




Tom Gaynor, Employee Benefits director of MetLife UK, said, “Stress is a major issue at work and has a major impact on business performance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go away at Christmas.




“It is a pity that many people want to opt out of Christmas celebrations at work but it is clear that juggling home life and year-end work pressures is tough for millions of employees.




“Employers – and particularly managers – can benefit from recognising the signs of workplace stress and taking early action to help employees cope, including a focus on physical and mental health at work.”



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