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CV Library clocks up record traffic

CV-Library has announced that 5th January 2016 saw a record number of job hunters visiting the site as well as a record number of daily job applications. There were 364,591 site visitors and 120,416 applications on this day alone. These records resulted in up to 220 job applications being submitted on the site at any given second on 5th January.


The data also revealed which cities are raking in the most applications in 2016 so far, with London unsurprisingly coming in at the top of the list. The cities that have received the most job applications in the first five days of January 2016 include:


1.       London – 83,298 applications

2.       Birmingham – 28,124 applications

3.       Manchester – 19,851 applications

4.       Leeds – 15,869 applications

5.       Sheffield – 6,326 applications


While London attracting the most candidates may not come as a surprise, the data also revealed that trade-based industries are topping the list with the most applications between 1st January and 5th January 2016. The top five sectors include:


  1. Administration – 51,363 applications
  2. Engineering – 34,765 applications
  3. Construction – 33,606 applications
  4. Distribution – 23,623 applications
  5. Manufacturing – 22,012 applications


Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, commented, “January is typically a busy month for recruitment as many decision-makers are back in the office after the Christmas period and businesses often have a new quarterly budget to work with.


“This record number of visitors and applications supports our recent research which revealed over seven million UK workers have resolved to find a new job in 2016, so we’re not surprised to see a spike in applications this month. It’s clear that 2016 is set to be a record-breaking year with more workers on the lookout for new roles. This, coupled with continued job growth, paints a rosy picture of the UK job market in 2016.”



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