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Green Park acquires two businesses

Green Park has acquired two businesses, Shine Media and The European Centre For Diversity Best Practice .

The company says these acquisitions will support its existing client group and the overall objective to help organisations think differently about talent.

Shine Media, run by Joanna Abeyie, will become the future talent arm of the Green Park Group, focussing on recruitment, development and training of socially excluded and diverse entry level talent.

The European Centre For Diversity Best Practice is led by Amir Kabel. He will head the expanded diversity consulting practice at Green Park, helping increase social mobility and operationalise diversity initiatives through training and supporting the company's existing long term partnerships.

Commenting on the acquisitions, Green Park’s CEO, Raj Tulsiani, said, “We are delighted to have attracted two high performing entrepreneurs into our group. I think when people look at our original research and proven effects of what we have done for our clients through thoughtfully applying our Diversity expertise, the evidence of our difference is clear. We have found ways of really helping organisations move forward holistically in a market that is still dominated by single issue entrepreneurs  who spend 90% of their time talking about one dimensional  change.”

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