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Sigmar Recruitment release 2016 Salary Guide

Sigmar Recruitment has released its 2016 Salary Guide, which provides a detailed insight into Ireland’s employment market.


After five years of steady growth, Sigmar has seen demand levels in most professional sectors nearly reach pre-recession highs in 2015.


CEO Adrian McGennis, said, “With unemployment set to fall by 12.5% this year (10.2% in 2015), Mac Giolla Phádraig predicts salaries will rise by 3.6% in the coming 12 months.


“Ireland has maintained competitiveness over the last few years, resulting in increasing overseas investment and as long as we stay competitive, this bodes well for some years to come. The improved job landscape in Ireland certainly fed through to macro-economic figures and unemployment levels. Whilst Ireland’s strong growth is subject to national or international shocks, there is no reason that Ireland can’t get unemployment back to record low levels. But maintaining the discipline to stay competitive is key to this and politically that is a challenge.”


In terms of specific skills in demand, analytics has risen to be the most wanted. Analytics encapsulates other skills and is featured in all sectors, but vacancies for data scientists, analysts, big data, risk, etc. have risen sharply.


The other current trend, as the global “war for talent” heats up, is the continued focus on culture and purpose from hiring companies. McGennis stated, “Many organisations are investing more in training and development, so may be a little more open on the hard skills of applicants, but more selective on cultural fit and attitude of all candidates. This is evidenced in major focus on employer branding and, in particular, companies’ CSR initiatives being at their core.


“Finally an interesting phenomenon in 2015 was that permanent recruitment grew faster than contract and temporary recruitment. As national and global recovery was a little tentative, organisations were still a little risk adverse, and would take on a contractor if they could rather than a permanent member of staff. As the rate of recovery increases and confidence is restored, more companies are comfortable increasing headcount long term.”


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