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Technology needs to be at the heart of HR, finds research

According to research commissioned by Access Group and carried out by Arlington Research, in the era of digital transformation, the HR function of most businesses is still way off putting technology at its heart.

The survey, which was undertaken on over 200 HR professionals and 2000 employees, found that manual processes are still predominantly being used by HR professionals (43% for appraisals and 54% for recruitment). This is despite 63% of respondents agreeing that using technology on a daily basis to recognise and evaluate employees would be a valuable business tool.

As more millennial employees enter the workforce, Access Group say that HR professionals can expect an increasing demand for HR information to be exchanged and analysed digitally. These employees have deeply embraced technology and believe in its ability to solve any issue in the context of their moment of need. As digital natives, millennials take a self-service approach to technology. Arguably HR professionals can use this attitude to mould new, intuitive methods of interacting with these future-fit leaders.

The research highlighted that more intuitive methods of interaction would also support the desire from the profession and from employees for a greater focus on continuous performance evaluation. 70% of HR professionals said their organisation is likely to use continuous evaluation of employees as a substitute to annual performance and 80% agreed it has the potential to be more valuable than traditional annual reviews. Over half (58%) of employees stated they would rather have continuous evaluation than an annual performance review.

Rob Gimes, HCM product manager at Access Group, said, “As more organisations strive to excel in their ability to recruit and retain the right people for the right job roles, they are under increasing pressure to ensure their HR processes are effective so that employees feel informed, motivated and valued. In order to inspire the leaders of tomorrow, who embrace technology in every aspect of their lives, there is a clear need for companies to put technology at the heart of their HR and adopt a more scientific approach.

“The research has provided great insight into the desire of both HR professionals and employees for a move away from annual performance reviews to continuous evaluation. There is a clear recognition that instant feedback to employees will inspire them to work harder, which, will in turn help to enhance productivity and skills retention – all of which help HR professionals to futureproof their businesses.”

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