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Textkernel introduces job-sourcing tool Jobfeed for the UK

Textkernel has launched its lead-generation tool Jobfeed for the UK.


Jobfeed, Textkernel says, makes the online job market searchable and transparent. Before being released in the UK, Jobfeed was available in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium and Italy.


Jobfeed gets its information from the web, collecting the online job ads and structuring, classifying, deduplicating and enriching the data. Textkernel says this information is mainly used by HR and recruitment professionals for lead generation, labour market analysis and outplacement/redeployment purposes.


By combining Jobfeed with Textkernel’s semantic matching tool, the companies say it will be possible to match any job found with Jobfeed to their entire candidate database. Conversely, companies can also match their candidates to all (direct employer) jobs in the market found with Jobfeed, allowing recruiters to place every candidate they ever source.





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