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The Recruitment International Fantasy League Gameweek 20

Gameweek 20 review


Is this the worst or the best Premier League in years?


If you feel the same as us, you'll be confused by this season. There are no banker results any more - just look at Arsenal being whupped 4-0 by out-of-form Southampton or Watford destroying Liverpool 3-0 and you get our drift. The only certain this season seems to be that Villa will lose but then again, City couldn't manage any more than a draw against them. It would seem like a certainty that the old adage of the Premiership winners losing no more than 6 games will go firmly out of the window this season, with the two favourites, Arsenal and City already losing 4 and 5 respectively.


It's not as if the big teams have cut back on their spending. City, United, Arsenal and Chelsea spent an incredible £1.1bn between them in the summer, so what's gone wrong? Or from a fan's point of view, what's gone right?


Let's give the last word on this to Watford's inspirational coach, Quique Sanchez Flores


"The worst? Who says it's the worst? It's amazing. Every weekend I don't know what happens. I don't know if City is winning against Watford. I don't know if Manchester United are losing with Leicester. I don't know if Norwich are going to go to Chelsea and win. It's amazing. I would like it if it could happen the same in Spain. It's not in terms of big teams and weak teams. It's in terms of the average teams improving a lot. Changing the way they play, they are trying to play well, they are really fit, they are competitive. It's incredible. It's not just Watford, it's other mid-table teams doing well. The feeling is every weekend that anything is possible. It's amazing. It's what football needs."




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