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Thousands of teachers spent Christmas holiday job hunting

Thousands of teachers across the country spent Christmas Day searching for their next job, according to Eteach.


The jobsite, which has 1.3m registered teachers, has revealed that over 16,000 teachers spent time on Christmas day for a teaching role on their site.


On Boxing Day 30,000 teachers logged on to the site to look for a job, while on New Year’s Day visitors totalled 50,000.


The research comes after a year of reports that the education sector is heading for a teacher shortage crisis, with almost 50% of teachers claiming they plan on leaving the profession within the next three years. For the third year in a row, the government has missed teacher training targets, meaning that 2,000 places remain unfilled.


Furthermore, recent Eteach research revealed that one in three teachers are actively searching for their next role, meaning the predicted deluge of teachers leaving the profession could be imminent.


Commenting on the findings, Eteach CEO and founder, Paul Howells, said, “While it might seem a little sad that some teachers spent Christmas Day and New Year’s Day searching for a new role, we were not at all surprised to see so many teachers dedicating time over Christmas to planning their next career move.  We’re seeing these numbers rise year-on-year. There are a number of reasons behind this, including the increased pressures on staff and the sheer number of schools crying out for good teachers, meaning that teaching professionals have a huge selection of roles to scope out and apply for.


“With this is mind, schools need to be doing all they can to reward and retain excellent teaching talent to make sure teachers feel valued and stay committed to their existing positions. But most importantly, it is imperative that schools have a solid recruitment plan in place with a specialist recruitment partner to ensure they don’t fall victim of the predicted shortfall.”


The looming teacher shortage crisis is set to affect a number of subject areas, with design and technology being the hardest hit with a predicted absence of 57% trainee teachers. Other subjects feeling the pinch include religious education, geography and music where the shortfalls forecasted are 37%, 25% and 25% respectively.


Howells added, “Schools need to be ahead of the game when recruiting focusing on employer branding and what makes their school stand out among a crowded market. This includes utilising all available channels to reach out to potential recruits e.g. social media, ensuring websites are up to date and reflect the ethos of the school and that traditional advertising clearly explains the roles available and what makes the ideal candidate.” 

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