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Top five tips for career development

While recruitment consultants are well versed in administering career advice to the candidates they work with, it can be all too easy to push your own professional development to the bottom of your priority list. Over the years, APSCo PD has helped develop some of the best talent in the sector and we’ve found that five habits make a real difference to individual success:

  1. Immerse yourself in the sectors you operate in – In order to offer a truly consultative service, you must train yourself to be a trusted advisor to your clients and candidates. Keep abreast of the latest developments in your sector in terms of cutting edge technological developments, skills shortages and incoming legislation through seminars, sector-specific press and social media. Yes, it eats into your time – but it will pay dividends long-term. If you can’t offer added value – you may as well change your name to LinkedIn.


  1. Prove your value – Ensure that you are able to provide clear, measurable examples of your achievements, regardless if these are to be used for appraisal, to negotiate a salary increase, or to put on your CV when searching for your next role. Keeping an eye on your metrics also enables you to determine who your best clients really are so you can focus your efforts strategically. Remember to always shout about your successes.


  1. Seek out a sponsor or mentor – Senior professionals who are willing to fight your corner and pull you up from within can be an invaluable tool for ambitious recruiters looking to advance their careers. There doesn’t have to be a formal arrangement in place; identify professionals with qualities that you admire, ask for guidance and attempt to emulate their behaviours.


  1. Be brave - Never be afraid to ask questions, suggest business development opportunities or voice your ambition. Successful recruiters all have one thing in common, they think outside the box to forge their own opportunities. Don’t let self-doubt be a barrier to your success.


  1. Push yourself to the next level – When you’re doing a good job, it can be all too easy to plateau and coast. But why be ‘good’ when you have the potential to be amazing? Seek out training and development opportunities in areas where you think you have could do with some extra help, whether that be growing your revenue pipeline or headhunting. Any organisation is only as good as its people - a fact that should not be lost on your managers - and education is ultimately the key to unlocking future success.


  • Ann Swain, CEO, APSCo 
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