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Why you should love your marketing department

As someone who used to be a marketing manager for a recruitment firm, I can still remember how I was viewed by many consultants – and that was as a cost to the business rather than an investment in it. 


As consultants you should be giving your marketing department lots of love because they are generating leads for you every day – you just haven’t realised it! The reason your marketing department nags you to like and share the content they produce is that it helps to make you more money.


Don’t believe me?


Just try an experiment: like and share all the content your marketing department puts out over a full month, repurpose it into blogs for your own pulse platform and use your status updates to repost the content on a regular basis. Then have a look at your LinkedIn profile views over the same period. I can guarantee they will have gone up.  Have a look at who is looking at you, engage with them and build up a candidate talent pool. Maybe they are potential clients.  Either way, it’s a win.


Your marketing department gives you all the tools you need to promote your own personal brand, as well as the brand of the company.  So don’t see them as a nag, embrace them, give them a hug and hit those like and share buttons!



By Tracey Barrett bluesky-pr


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