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Aligra net profits up 128%

Aligra has provided a trading update for the nine months ending 31st December 2015.  


For the first nine months of the year, Aligra’s temporary division saw sales increase by 29%, which it claims was bolstered by securing two major new customers along with organic growth of its existing client base.


Net fee income in the permanent division (professional & executive) increased by 12%, also due to securing new customers and growth in its existing clients base, according to Aligra.


Board level changes in the previous year, along with an aggressive cost reduction drive, resulted in operational expenses showing a reduction of 31%, whilst net profits increased by 128%.


Mark Neilson, managing director, said, “Aligra has certainly benefited from a positive jobs outlook and an increased demand for quality staff.  Over 80% of our current clients have indicated they will continue to increase their headcounts and will need to rely on our services at a minimum of the same levels for the rest of this year.


“Like most businesses, we are constantly monitoring our cost base, we are investing more in staff development and training, have instigated a five year plan which aims to double our revenues, all the time striving to keep our staff retention levels lower than industry norms.  The last quarter of 2015 was one of our business on record and we’ve had a really strong start to 2016 so far.”



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