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Nearly 40% of scientists unhappy with work-life balance

SRG has released its 2016 Salary Survey, revealing 37% of scientists are unhappy with their work-life balance.


The report discusses the latest salary and market trends within the science industry.


It highlights that salaries, and the market as a whole, have remained stable over the last year, but it also suggested that certain factors could have a destabilising effect in the future.


The report also found that while many scientists enjoy their work, 37% are unhappy with their work-life balance and a massive 86% feel under more pressure.


Kelly Morton, managing director of SRG, commented, “It’s been an interesting year for science to say the least. Although salary increases and bonuses have slowed down, the science industry has actually seen its fair share of changes over the past 12 months, not least the deal between Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline. When two titans come together, the shockwaves can indeed be far-reaching.


“With work-life balance not quite as favourable as many would like, and more pressure on scientists than ever before, those circumstances will get ever more difficult. Perhaps our findings will be useful as companies strive to redress that balance.”


Based on over 4,000 responses from SRG’s global database and the readership of New Scientist magazine, the report is a benchmarking tool for both employers and employees to assess salaries in relation to their peers, as well as a detailed overview of the key economic and political factors currently affecting the industry.

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