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Next Ventures launches Dutch language web site

Next Ventures has added a Dutch language site to its multi-lingual web site.


The company say the launch aims to support its expansion and ongoing growth of Next Ventures BV in the Netherlands, a subsidiary of Next Ventures Ltd that was opened in Q4 FY15.


According to Next Ventures, the launch of the Group’s Dutch language site ( will ensure the effective communication of the recruitment services and niche technology specialisation provided by Next Ventures BV to clients and candidates throughout the Netherlands.


Next Ventures BV country manager, Anasja Juinen, commented, “We are buoyed by the business and growth in the Netherlands we have generated to date and the launch of our Dutch language web site provides that additional tier of market-focused communication to our clients and candidates alike.


“Next Ventures BV continues to offer tailored, niche technology focused recruitment services to key industries and clients throughout the Netherlands. Our capacity to provide expert, recruitment services around a broad range of enterprise technologies strengthens as our team does combined with our network of local, referenced technical professionals tripling since our inception. All indicating to our ability to not only exceed client and candidates technology focused staffing expectations this year but also our competency in meeting our growth goals for FY16.”

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