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The game is on

Sarah Johnson, marketing co-ordinator at ISV Group


It’s not current news; in fact it can’t be overlooked. The UK job market is officially a fast-paced and growing market. According to figures released by CV-Library, the national job growth market in 2015 has increased by 23% in comparison with 2014. Jobs are being created and that’s great!


Another noticeable fact, however, is that the increase in job opportunities has led to a skills shortage in businesses. According to a report released by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), one in four jobs go unfilled because of a lack of skilled people. The game is officially on for recruiters, leaving (experienced) candidates with the ‘ultimate bargaining power’. The candidate has a lot of options now and working for any company just won’t do anymore. Simply put, candidates can afford to be picky.


So does this mean it’s game-over for recruiters? Certainly not! Recruiters do, however, have to work extra hard to stand out in order to recruit the best talent and we believe these five essential tips will help recruiters to ‘step up their game and bring it on’.


  1. Know your people

    Genuinely get to know your candidates and learn how to relate to them. Before contacting a (potential) candidate, take some time to do a bit of research. Use the technology that is available to us today wisely. Social media can tell you a lot about an individual and that will give you the inside track. Knowing your candidate will give you the upper hand, because you’ll now be asking insightful questions, portraying to the candidate that you have a genuine interest in them, their future role and work environment.


  2. Be right back

    Be aware that candidates receive messages, texts and calls from recruiters all the time, especially if they are hot property with ‘in-demand’ skills. How many of those phone calls actually lead to something? Put yourself in the shoes of the candidates; it can be draining having to answer the same questions over and over again; only to find out that yet another recruiter has disappeared from the face of the earth. Even if the candidate is not a perfect match, it’s okay to give encouraging or constructive feedback by actually getting back to the candidate. An auto-responder for an unsuccessful candidate won’t do!




  3. Workplace perks

    How much do you know about your client’s workplace? What are the benefits of working in the environment your client provides? Would you want to work there if you were the candidate? Candidates are not just looking for any job, they want their dream job, and that includes having the whole package (job role, salary, work environment etc). Get to know what other benefits (beside the actual job) your client has to offer. Basically, what’s in it for your candidates?


  4. Encourage self-development

    As a recruiter candidates trust your expertise, so try to recommend and encourage self-development, by highlighting career development or individual training tools. For example, eLearning seems to be the latest thing, look for learning businesses your agency could collaborate with or refer your candidates to online learning websites like for basic office skills like Microsoft office.


  5. Train to maintain

    Make it your mission to encourage your clients to offer training schemes to fill up any skills gap within the company. Offering skills training will not only benefit your client’s business, but also contribute to the further growth of both their new and current employees. Head here to read more on the importance of skills training.   


There’s much more to being a recruiter, so what else would you add? How do you bring your ‘A’ game? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments with us! Visit our website or send an email to

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