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Why you should consider a career in recruitment overseas

Marketa Littlemore, head of talent acquisition at NonStop Recruitment

The relentless cold of the British winter is as good a reason as any for professionals to consider working abroad. And while it may be a more agreeable climate that tempts individuals overseas, it’s the opportunities to develop language and personal skills as well as exposure to new cultures that are likely to keep them there. Although many young professionals may assume that you need a wealth of experience to gain hiring positions overseas, there are in fact plenty of available opportunities for new graduates.

Despite a broadly positive outlook for the graduate recruitment market in 2016, the rate at which hiring sentiments have improved over recent years is starting to slow. There are still increasing numbers of graduate opportunities, however young professionals may find that these are more often than not in sectors with severe skills shortages – and may not necessarily align with their qualifications or experience. A number of external factors, including the global supply glut, the ongoing EU debate and uncertainty in the global markets are also likely to influence hiring sentiment in a number of sectors over the next year, so considering all of your options is a sensible decision.

Recruitment is one of the industries where demand for talent has remained strong and there are numerous opportunities to work overseas. Making the choice to work internationally, hoiwever, isn’t to be made on a whim. And while it may not be suited to everyone, professionals can gain a significant amount from doing so.

One significant benefit of working abroad is increased exposure to new cultures. Not only can you experience a completely new way of living, but also new ways of thinking. It will also provide you with the opportunity to work alongside individuals with different skills sets and a wealth of different experience in a highly diverse workforce, which can only help to develop the way in which you work and boost your own professional skillset. These kind of experiences will look great on your CV and will set you apart from other candidates if you choose to move countries, or back to the UK.

As mentioned, while the chance to experience a new culture is a great opportunity, some young professionals may find this adjustment daunting, so looking for a city with a large expat population such as Prague in the Czech Republic, which was recently voted as a top expat city, could act as a great compromise between the familiarity of your own culture and an exciting new one.

While abroad you will also have a chance to develop your language skills. Unless clearly stated, you’ll be working in your mother tongue but experiencing the language by being immersed in the local community will make learning a new language far easier. You’ll probably also get the chance to interact with and review the applications of professionals who speak a range of different languages, particularly if you’re based in Europe where there are obviously a number of languages spoken. Whether it’s the first new language you learn, or the fifth, linguistic skills will significantly boost your employability.

In addition to new cultural experiences, it’s also likely that you’ll benefit from cheaper costs of living across Europe, a factor which will likely be a considerable attraction to those used to inner city and, specifically, London, prices where the capital’s ‘cheapest flat’ recently sold for £79,000. While some countries, such as France and Switzerland, are on a par with the UK in terms of cost of living, others, such as Poland and the Czech Republic, are considerably cheaper. With less of your salary - and potential commission - spent on necessities such as accommodation and food, you’ll have more disposable income to spend on leisure activities.

It would be wrong to say that working in recruitment overseas will all be smooth sailing and it’s likely that at some point you will face challenges that move you out of your comfort zone. Those challenges, however, are there to be overcome and the benefits will hugely outweigh any downsides to committing to working in the international hiring industry.

We have offices across Europe and operate our ‘engine room’ and training facility in Prague, Czech Republic. To find out more about working here at NonStop Recruitment, please get in touch.

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