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13% YoY increase in web visits from EU workers, reports CV-Library

A record number of European workers are searching for jobs in the UK as a result of the confirmed EU referendum date, according to CV-Library.


The job site recently reported that the UK labour market remains strong despite a seasonal dip in vacancies as many hint that a Brexit threat is paralysing the market. CV-Library says that the strength of the UK job market has been seen in Europe as it reports an increase in traffic from EU countries.


In February 2016, CV-Library recorded that the number of web visits received from EU workers was up by 13%, when compared with February 2015. Looking specifically at the week following the referendum announcement, compared to the week before the announcement, the data reveals big spikes in traffic from many European countries:


  1. Belgium +109.2%
  2. Croatia +69.9%
  3. Greece +68.3%
  4. Netherlands +35.5%
  5. Denmark +29.6%
  6. Poland + 26.6%
  7. Lithuania +26.5%


In addition, increases in traffic can be seen from Romania, Italy, Sweden, France, Finland and the Czech Republic.


Historical data from the job site suggests that traffic from European countries is normally flat and steady. This data, compared to latest figures, indicates that the unusually high volume of EU visitors looking for UK jobs is linked to the upcoming referendum; suggesting that European workers are looking for opportunities in the UK before migration laws change.


Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, commented, “Britain is faced with a number of questions and concerns about how a Brexit will impact our nation, but this data suggests that those in other European countries are worried as well. With the EU in a time of uncertainty ahead of the referendum, it’s not surprising to see Europeans explore their options in the UK.”

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