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3 implementation common mistakes you'll make implementing your new CRM

By BarcleyJones

The biggest nightmare a recruitment leader can face when implementing a shiny new CRM system is watching everything fall apart on the ‘go live’ date.

Recruiter process interrupted, everyone looking to you for answers, money going down the drain – it’s enough to turn anyone grey.

Imagine a CRM that returns no searches, holds all the wrong data, or crashes every five minutes. Consultants can’t earn money, managers can’t see who’s doing what, and everyone is looking to the fool who bought the tech (you) to start pointing fingers. The spreadsheets you hate so much are back out and all the clever automation disappears!

Avoid the headache, get real value from your CRM from day one, and have everyone singing your praises for providing them with this wonderful bit of kit that is making them so damn effective!

If you don’t implement correctly you will lose money

Testing your CRM may be boring, but it's the only way to avoid tech nightmares. Find a few willing recruiters, some bribes (wine or chocolate may do) and some sweet talk. Test that CRM!

Here are the three common pitfalls recruitment and IT leaders face when trying to get their fancy CRM live and kicking:

Data migration

You’ve been collecting data for years, and now it’s time to migrate all that data into a new system. What happens if you don’t perform this correctly? Consultants trying to search for candidates and coming up with nothing.

Make sure your data is mapped into the correct field, stop the useless searches! Get a couple of consultants to test this beforehand so you can identify problems early.

Workflow process

You’ve got the perfect recruitment lifecycle and internal workflow processes – everyone’s happy and working efficiently. Until you introduce a new CRM that doesn’t allow recruiters to follow their usual processes, and gives them ten new tasks to complete before they can do a simple CV send.

Make sure your CRM system allows your recruiters to follow their procedures without encouraging “box-ticking” for the sake of it or interrupting their workflow.

System in general – does it work?

Recruiter clicks a button – the system falls to pieces. All the cool new features are within reach but whenever you try to use them everything crashes.

A lot of systems are off the shelf but often functionality isn’t working - “straight out the box” isn’t as simple as it sounds, and can mean time is needed to identify any bugs in the system.

Bugs found after ‘go live’ can result in days of downtime for certain functions while suppliers try to fix issues – stop this early and hunt down the bugs in advance.

What you need to do

The first few weeks of any implementation post ‘go live’ are key from an adoption point of view - the system needs to help the consultants, not hinder or slow them down.

Choose your testers wisely and find someone with experience of the system who can guide you through the implementation process.

Then all you need to do is sit back and admire your pretty new bit of kit!

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