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Angela Mortimer to host RPO event

John Mortimer, CEO of Angela Mortimer Plc., is hosting an event on the current and future recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) models.


The event, which takes place on Tuesday 15th March at the company’s offices in London, will be followed by a Q&A session.


Research that Angela Mortimer PLC has conducted has led to two conclusions. Firstly, that clients of RPO contracts are less satisfied than their delivery partners think they are with the RPO service they receive. Secondly, there has been no consolidation by RPO’s over the last 30 years. The split between SME’s and the larger organisations has stagnated.


Mortimer believes the misconceptions behind the benefits of RPO are now common place. He said, “From SMEs to Multi Nationals, HR & recruitment departments are less satisfied than the RPO industry think they are with the service they are getting. RPO organisations are hiding behind a smoke screen of statistics masking their costs for doing very little, with almost no value added to the process…”


During this presentation, Mortimer will address the current landscape of RPO services and provide an insight into the future of RPO models. The presentation will be followed by a discussion with questions from the audience.


He added, “Since the first generation of RPO models there has been no progression in the market. Instead, although there are many more RPO organisations, they are offering much more of the same. Satisfaction ratings by clients and candidates are poor – no matter how good the recruitment industry says it is!”


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