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Bullhorn releases VMS Slingshot

Bullhorn has announced the release of VMS Slingshot.


The company says this offering within its VMS Access product will enable a closed-loop VMS integration and workflow solution. It claims this will help recruitment businesses increase the speed with which they initiate orders, submit candidates, and fill jobs through VMS, resulting in higher margins and increased revenue. Bullhorn VMS Slingshot enables organisations to track and submit candidates, minimising the need to cut and paste CVs and other candidate information.


“VMS is the new reality for filling contingent job orders,” said Jonathan Novich, general manager for recruitment at Bullhorn. “You can’t work with major Fortune 500 companies and avoid VMS business. At the same time, with increasingly small margins on VMS orders, the need for speed is absolutely imperative. It’s the edge competitive agencies seek.  By eliminating the need for manual cut-and-paste and enabling a closed-loop integration between CRM and VMS environments, Bullhorn has taken an otherwise inefficient and resource-intensive recruitment process and made it cost-efficient for recruitment agencies.”


David Forde, national program manager, client connections, at Procom, commented, “Our goal at Procom is to streamline recruitment process workflows so that our recruiters can spend more time developing candidate and client relationships. 


“Bullhorn VMS Slingshot slashes the amount of time required to submit candidates to a VMS, which increases fill rate and frees up recruiter time and resources.  An added benefit of Bullhorn VMS Slingshot is that using the product has helped drive best practices for our firm around data integrity, since it necessitates that we keep our candidate records up-to-date.”

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